The Woodshed

Behind here, no one can hear you scream

Clash Of Clans Attack: GoHoWiWi

Golems, Hogs, Wizards, Witches

The Name:

The official name that the community has given this attack (if you want to look up more about it, such as examples on YouTube) is “GoHoWiWi” (obtained by taking the first two letters of the major troops involved). In fact, the attack where you use 2 golems is called “Shattered GoHoWiWi” (silly name, yes).

The Troops:

  • 2 Golems
  • 1-2 Witches
  • 8-14 Wizards
  • 15-20 Hog Riders
  • Bring a few barbs/archers to help with luring/killing their troops
  • If your hogs are below level 4, try to request level 4+ hogs for your clan castle

The Spells:

  • 1-2 Heal
  • 1-2 Rage
  • 1 Jump

The Objective:

After taking out their clan castle troops, you want your golems and wizards to clear out the defenses on one side of the base, so that when you deploy your hogs and heroes, they will head for the important buildings in the center of the base. The golems, wizards, and witches should also help deal with some big problems faced by traditional hog attacks: triggering giant bombs and distracting the enemy Archer Queen.

The Breakdown:

  • Lure out the enemy castle troops. Remember that hog riders and golems will ignore enemy troops in favor of defensive buildings, so this is a crucial step. Before you attack, identify a place where you can drop a couple units that will walk in range of their clan castle and draw out the troops. Once the enemy troops are out, draw them to a corner with your barbs/archers, drop a witch to distract them with skeletons, and perhaps a single wizard to help kill them.

  • Place your golems. Do not place both golems in the same spot. They should both be deployed on the same general “side” of the base, but a good distance apart so that they will take different paths through the base.

  • Immediately place your wizards next. They should be placed one at a time (don’t hold your finger down on the screen), in an arc that spans between your golems. Place the “inner” 6-8 wizards first, and then drop a couple right behind each golem.

  • If you have a witch remaining, place her behind the golem that’s most likely to head towards the enemy Queen.

  • Give the golems/wizards/witches a few moments to take out the outer defenses. The goal is to get rid of defenses that might distract your hogs from going towards the core of the base. You also want their Archer Queen to focus on one of your golems and/or your witch’s skeletons, and not on your hogs. Do not, however, wait for your frontline units to get themselves killed before you release your hogs—you don’t want to run out of time!

  • Deploy your hogs. Hold your finger down in one spot while you’re dropping them, so that they all head in the same direction. To reiterate, you want to pick a spot such that they target a defense that will draw them toward the center. Get ready to cast spells on them: a heal spell if they trigger a Giant Bomb or are near Wizard Towers, and a rage spell once they get to the important defenses in the core of the base.

  • There should now be a relatively clear route for your King and Queen to take that will lead them to the enemy town hall. Use your jump spell to help get them there, and of course don’t forget about their abilities!